Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bridge - AI for explorers?
Bridge is an AI-powered app designed for power users to build AI workflows that skip mundane tasks. It is a local-first AI application for Mac OS, with future support planned for Windows and Linux.

How does Bridge help with AI workflows?
Bridge allows you to create custom AI workflows by linking prompts and notes within a visually organized interface.

How does Bridge address privacy concerns?
Bridge is built with privacy in mind. We do not collect your data. Your interactions and workflows are stored locally on your device. However, if you chose to process information using Open AI or Anthropic, the data is processed through them.

Is Bridge free?
Yes, Bridge is free to use with no subscriptions. We don't charge any fee for using the app. However, for AI processing features, if opted outside LM Studio, the user will need to use OpenAI or Anthropic APIs, and the billing for these services happens outside Bridge.

What AI models does Bridge integrate with?
Bridge is compatible with all open models supported by LM Studio (Llama, Mistral, Gemma, etc). Bridge also integrates with popular AI models, including OpenAI and Anthropic.

I need help, I want to talk to someone?
You can join our community on Discord to connect with other users, get support, and share your experiences.

On which platforms is Bridge available?
Bridge is currently available for Mac OS. We are working on versions for Windows and Linux, which will be available soon.

Can we reach out to you for partnerships, potential collaboration or just want to say Hi?
I will be happy to talk to you, you can connect with me on LinkedIn.