Building Bridge

Building Bridge

Update: Bridge is available for MacOS

Motivation for Building the Bridge

I totally rely on ChatGPT for all sorts of stuff like brainstorming, creating content, and coding. But, it's so annoying to switch back and forth between different tools and keep using the same prompts over and over again.

Most apps out there focus on cranking out whole articles instead of helping me tweak specific parts of my text. What I really want is an editor that can assist me with my tasks, without completely taking over and automating everything.

To my surprise, I had this crazy dream where I saw this editor that could totally transform text. It could make it all fancy and dramatic, y'know? It could even add visuals to really amp up the emotion. It was basically like those formatting options you see in a word processor, but way cooler. And that dream was what inspired me to create Bridge.

Bridge Development

I wanted to create something that helps me stay focused, avoids jumping between different tools, and works lightning fast. Formatting wasn't my priority with this word processor, unlike other ones. I wanted it to be more about transforming text to express emotions or remove them, making it sound casual or formal. It also helps me deal with writer's block by suggesting things I might have missed.

And here's the best part: I wanted to have the amazing ability to call upon AI assistance right within the editor with just a simple keyboard shortcut. It would be like magic!

When it came to choosing the programming language for this project, Rust was the obvious choice. It's memory efficient, incredibly fast, and lightweight.


So, I've divided the features for MVP into three main categories. First, we've got communication. This is all about making things simple for the audience or adding some jargon for those evil ones. Then, there's thinking. This is all about helping you structure your arguments, recognize any cognitive biases, and uncover things you might have missed. And lastly, we've got reviewing. This is all about getting feedback, evaluating your work, and finding areas where you can improve.

But this tool isn't just about creating content. It's also meant to be a thinking aid. And let me tell you, my plans for the future go way beyond what we've got in this MVP.

Right now, our main focus is on helping you create content. Like, imagine being able to easily add comics or mermaid process diagrams to your B2B topics. It'll make them so much more appealing to people!

I've only built a tiny fraction of what I want for this MVP. But don't worry, I'll be releasing it to the public soon, and best of all, it'll be free! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter and join our Discord channel to stay updated.